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Centennial Park
5400 Heritage Way, Carson City, NV


1555 Livermore Way, Carson City, NV

8u will be machine for this event

 Gate fee for spectators- 3 coaches and players free entry

Park Rules:

-No Dogs in park.

-No Alcohol beverages of any kind!!

-No bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc... in park.

-No outside food or beverage (water okay for players) .

-They will have snack bar open .

 -Gate fee for all non players




GAME: · A regulation game shall consist of 6 innings or until completion of the 70 minute time limit.


  • 3-Up Run Rule will be in effect.  A half inning shall end when either 3 outs are made by the defense or: If the team batting was tied, or behind at the beginning of the half inning:
  • Runs scored can result in a three (3) run advantage. If the team batting was ahead at the beginning of the half inning:
  • They can score a maximum of three (3) additional runs. ¨ Comeback Rule: When time has expired, if the home team enters their half of the inning behind by more than 10 runs, the home team will be allowed to bat until the score is tied or 3 outs. If the home team ties the score then time is called and the inning is over.
  • Game time limits are NO NEW INNING after 70 minutes. Championship game time limits are NO NEW INNING after 80 minutes.
  • There is absolutely NO drop dead time.
  • Pool play games can end in a tie.
  • Teams may bat the minimum of nine players / up to their entire roster, however; the batting order must stay the same throughout the entire sequence at bat for the game. If a team chooses the lesser number of players to bat, the batting order cannot expand, only substitute during that game.
  • If a team chooses the lesser number of players than the entire roster, substitutions may be made freely, as this is a fundamental building game, however; if they substitute for a batter, those substitutions must remain in the same spot of the batting order. (Ex. A player may not be substituted in the #3 spot, pulled from the game and then substituted in the #6 spot. They must remain in the #3 spot, if they are substituted for again.)
  • If a team cannot field 9 players they may start with a minimum of 7 players and add to the lineup as players arrive.  No out will be recorded for the missing players. PITCHING: Set-Up:
  • Pitching rubber will be set at 30 feet distance.


There are no walks. · Pitcher will pitch to batter until batter Hits safely, records an out or Ball 4 is called by the umpire. or Pitching Coach will then deliver pitches to batter (all strikes previously recorded will remain). · Each pitch will count even if the batter does not swing. Three strikes may be called and the batter may be called out.  Foul balls count as pitches but you can have unlimited fouls on last pitch (by pitcher, or pitching coach). · The umpire will determine the strike zone.


The player pitcher must have one foot inside the pitcher’s circle and cannot leave her position until the ball reaches the batter. The Coach/pitcher shall have one foot on the pitcher’s plate prior to delivery of the pitch.


BATTERS: · On a dropped third strike the batter is out, but the ball remains live for runners who can advance or steal. · If a batted ball hits the pitching coach, it is a dead ball, batter takes first, other runners advance only if forced, unless the umpire judges the coach to have interfered with the play, then interference rules apply. If the umpire determines the coach interfered with the play then the interference rules apply. If the umpire determines the ball was intentionally thrown by a player to stop play, the ball will be considered live.


  • Bunting is allowed. A player may square to bunt and pull back. A batter CAN NOT square to bunt; pull back and either hit or bunt the ball. If the batter does this she will be called out. Infield fly Rule is NOT in effect. PLAYING THE BUNT:
  • Players may charge the bunt ONLY when the batter squares to bunt. In playing the bunt, fielders cannot position themselves forward of the pitcher’s mound until ball is bunted or reaches the plate. BASE RUNNERS:
  • The runner cannot leave a base until the ball passes behind the catcher. Runners will be allowed to steal second or third but only one stolen base per pitch.
  • Runners will not steal home and can advance home only on a hit ball.  Exception: Once a runner has reached third base, if on any subsequent pitch there is an attempt by the defense to make a play on the base runner(s) then all runners may advance one base with liability to be put out.
  • Awarded bases originating from obstruction or the ball entering dead ball territory, will not exceed the advance limitations in these exceptions.
  • Awards resulting from a hit batter shall be imposed as specified in the rule book.


STOPPING PLAY: Time will be called by the umpire when one of the following has occurred: A. The player-pitcher has the ball under control inside the circle, and the lead runner has stopped. B. When the ball is held in front of the lead runner. C. When an infielder has control of the ball in the infield, and all runners have stopped. D. When the ball reaches the infield and, in the judgment of the umpire, under normal circumstances the ball should be under control.

Gate Fee: Yes

$5 a day Adults /$3 a day for Kids & Seniors over 60

Players and Coaches in Uniform Free

(3 Coaches Max per Team)